As a mother, law school faculty member, and lawyer in this community, I am committed to restoring the public’s trust in their elected officials.  For far too long, this District has been mired in scandal.  I believe our community deserves better.  

I pledge to hold myself and my colleagues in Albany to the highest ethical standards. I will make our community proud of their representative.
— Monica Wallace

As your elected representative, I pledge to:

  • Hold myself and my colleagues to the highest ethical standards

  • Work hard to get results while upholding the values of this District

  • Combat systemic corruption and abuses in Albany

The people of our community may have heard this promise before, but I have a 20-year track record as an honest, principled attorney.  I have spent most of my career in public service and have always held myself to the highest ethical standards.  I will continue to do so and reflect the values of our great community.  


As a beneficiary of public education, I am committed to high-quality, affordable public education for all New Yorkers.  I attended public high school, earned my undergraduate degree from SUNY Binghamton and my law degree from SUNY Buffalo Law School, where I now serve as a faculty member.  I am also the the proud parent of two children attending public school in Lancaster. I understand that high-quality, affordable education is the foundation for success in life.   

As your Assemblymember, I will:

  • Ensure that college remains affordable so that our children don’t have to mortgage their futures

  • Support our public schools

  • Give teachers the resources they need and the respect they deserve

Economic Empowerment

My husband, John, and I chose this community as the place to raise our family.  I want to ensure that Western New York remains a vibrant community so that my children and yours will have opportunities to thrive and succeed.  As the child of an aging parent, I also want to ensure that our seniors are supported, so that they can live out their golden years comfortably in this community.

My legislative priorities will include:

  • Investing in infrastructure

  • Promoting small businesses

  • Supporting workers and their families

  • Ensuring seniors have access to affordable housing and health care