I am asking for your vote so that I can represent you in the New York State Assembly, 143rd District.  Many of you already know me as a friend, neighbor, volunteer, colleague, teacher, or parent.  I am now seeking to be your voice in Albany.

I am new to politics, but I am not new to public service.  I have spent most of my career as a lawyer working in the public interest to promote justice and the rule of law. As a law clerk for a federal judge, I worked to ensure that equal justice under the law was a reality for the litigants in Western New York.  As a member of the faculty at SUNY Buffalo Law School, I am training the next generation of lawyers to use the law as a tool to promote fairness, justice, and equality.

I am a wife and the mother of two beautiful children, Jack, 15, and Claire, 12, who attend public school in Lancaster.  My husband John and I chose this community as the place to settle down and raise our family because we wanted to surround ourselves and our children with hard working, honest, and authentic people who share our values and principles.

Like many of you in this District, I come from a working-class background. I understand the importance of hard work and education as a means to a better life. I am the first person in my family to have attended college and then law school. I worked to put myself through college and law school, and graduated with honors from both.  I know that success is built upon hard work and education, and I seek to instill those values in my children. 

Like all of you, I love this community and I want to see it thrive and prosper,  I want our public school districts to remain strong.  I want our system of higher education to remain affordable, and I want my children and yours to have job opportunities available when they are ready to begin their careers.

What I believe:

  • We need a representative who reflects the integrity and principles of this District.
  • We need a representative who will be a role model for our children, not an embarrassment.
  • We need a strong voice for this community who understands the complex issues of law and policy  and can find creative solutions to real problems.
  • We need a leader with a proven  track record of working with different parties to reach a consensus.

I would be honored to have your vote and to serve you in Albany.

Thank you for your consideration,