I want to work to improve the lives of the hardworking people in this District.  I want to find creative solutions to real problems, change policies that don’t work, and implement strategies that ensure the economic vitality of this region.  

This region has seen tremendous growth in recent years.  We need leaders who will continue that momentum and move Western New York in the right direction.

Like so many of you, I am frustrated by political scandals and public corruption.  I am weary of leaders who put their own interests above those they were elected to serve.  If elected, I plan to put the people of this District first because doing that benefits all of us--you, me, your children, my children, and our children’s children. We need strong, honorable leaders to have a strong, vibrant community.

I have spent most of my career working in the public sector to promote our most treasured democratic principles: equality, justice, and liberty.  As a law clerk to a federal judge, I worked to ensure that justice was served, that constitutional rights were protected, and that every person received equal treatment under the law.  I have been outspoken on issues affecting women, children, and this community. I understand that public service means just that--dedicating yourself to promoting the interest of the public.  If elected, I promise to work in your interest to ensure that our public schools are strong, that our colleges remain affordable, that workers receive a fair living wage, that small business thrive, and that seniors can live out their golden years comfortably.   

Thank you for joining me on this journey,